Institutional Services
As a regional leader in investment management, Pioneers Holding Co.® has a highly accomplished record of providing institutions with thorough investment strategies. An integration of tailored financial advice, diverse investment products and insightful research is the cornerstone of our client service strategy for institutions. With our proficient research and financial expertise, Pioneers Holding Co.® works intensively with institutional clients to achieve financial success. Prizma Securities® is our main portal for institutions. Our Institutional Services department works in junction with our Amwal® subsidiary, offering portfolio and mutual fund management for institutions. Our IIA® subsidiary is utilized to offer corporate advisory, mergers and acquisitions, investment banking and equity writing for institutions.
Investment Management
Pioneers Holding Co.® constantly provides exceptional investment management strategies to various clients, including institutions, corporations and governments. The synergy and structure of our subsidiaries, which have superior track records in managing investments for large entities, provides our clients with an unparalleled portfolio of investment management results.  Our investment management solutions are positioned to develop maximum returns for our clients. For more than a decade, Pioneers Holding Co.® has led the financial services industry in the MENA region and set the prime standard for brokerage. Our large market share is profound and is the result for our high service that we offer our clients. The formula for our institutional service success is the accommodation of unique institutional client requirements, the implementation of trend analytics, the utilization of cutting-edge technology in our research and technical analysis and the creation of tailored products to suit our client's needs. Pioneers Holding Co.®'s talent strength, global product range and leading market share is the basis for successful sales and trading in various types of financial options. A vast range of asset classes is used to find distinct investments that create maximum returns. The client base is composed of regional leaders in diverse industries.
Pioneers Holding Co.® is one of the financial industry's prevailing leaders in research. The combination of our research and investment analysts, economists, strategists and writers consistently develop market trend, theme and investment reports that cover different sectors, industries, companies, world economies and equities. Our concise basic fundamental and technical reports can be accessed on our website. Financial planners for institutional and individual clients have unlimited access to detailed and exclusive reports created by our research team which assists tremendously in formulating investment decisions.
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