Corporate Governance
At Pioneers Holding Co.®, we recognize the importance of having solid corporate governance. The Board of Directors of Pioneers Holding Co.® adopted our Corporate Governance Policies in 2007, and employed the best in the their respective fields to assist in enforcing these policies.
Compliance & Risk Management
Pioneers Holding Co.® highly implements the adherence of rules and regulations. As a result, the compliance and risk management department was established to ensure that the entire Group's transactions are in direct adherence to all the rules and regulations of the Egyptian Financial Supervisory Authority. The department is headed by Mr. William Seydine, who has been working in the financial market since 1971 in U.S.A and Egypt. Mr. Seydine revolutionized the department and set for its main responsibilities:
Training compliance personnel in all affiliated firms, reviewing and updating the compliance procedures, reviewing and updating each firm policy to ensure its compliance with Law 95 for the year 1992 and its executive policy and updating all rules and regulations.
Ensuring that all clients' accounts in all of the Group's subsidiaries are being handled in accordance with the clients' investment objectives.
Reviewing clients' complaints and ensuring that all of the affiliate companies keep records of all of these complaints and investigate the problems and resolve them.
Overseeing all subsidiaries inspections and making all the necessary adjustments and improvements.
Ensuring that the firm complies with record keeping requirements and monitoring all the trading transactions executed by employees.
Ensuring that the Group and its subsidiaries comply with the disclosure requirements.
Notifying the Egyptian Financial Supervisory Authority and the Stock Exchange of any serious problem with the firm.
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